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Whether you are looking to make a dazzling statement in style or to acquire a piece for eternity, our Client Directors are here to inspire, advise and guide.

Looking to make a dazzling statement in style? Or to acquire a piece of jewellery for eternity?

Our Personal Shoppers are here to inspire, advise and guide.

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We bring together a community of people like you: Like-minded connoisseurs with a real soul for breathtaking jewellery.

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Posted 30th June 2020

Rare Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Incredibly precious and breathtakingly beautiful, rare fancy coloured diamonds are.

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Posted 28th June 2020

First Look At Chopard’s 2020 ‘Red Carpet’ High Jewelry Collection

Chopard has unveiled some of its 73 high jewels from its “Red Carpet Collection” for 2020.

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